The Month of Community 2022

The Month of Community is a time when we come together to celebrate everything that makes our communities great.  It’s an opportunity to bring our neighbourhoods closer, give back, and shine a light on the amazing communities we live in.

Neighbourhood Watch Week30 May-5 June
Volunteers’ Week1-7 June
The Big Jubilee Lunch2-5 June
The Big Lunch2-5 June
Thank You Day5 June
Carers Week6-12 June
Loneliness Awareness Week13-17 June
Small Charity Week20-25 June
Refugee Week20-26 June
The Great Get Together24-26 June

For more information on The Month of Community, please visit: Month of Community | Eden Project Communities

Let us know what your organisation or group has planned for The Month of Community 2022 and how TVA can support or get involved.

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