Using Connect Torfaen to its best potential

Just a few tips for you when you use Connect Torfaen!

Check under what category your profile is listed under.

There are four categories on the site.

  • Individual – For people to register on the site (e.g., Sarah from Thornhill who wants to volunteer or see what activities are currently active)
  • Organisations – Organisations can use this category (e.g., Sight Cymru, Garnsychan Partnership, Trac2, also sporting clubs across Torfaen)
  • Community Group – For groups with a constitution or have terms of reference (e.g., Eastern Valley Girl Guiding, Torfaen Access Forum, Thornhill 4 U 2)
  • Business – Business or social enterprises (e.g., Personal trainers, community interest companies or private business)


There are instances of people registering listing themselves as an organisation, but they just work for an organisation. We’re hoping this will help everyone adjust their own profile so we can make sure our membership numbers are correct.


Using Connect Torfaen is better than Facebook for activities or events as the SEO behind the site ensures listings created on Connect Torfaen will be higher on search engines than any social media post/group. Not everyone uses Facebook, so adding activities onto Connect will make your listing more visible online is someone searches for events in Torfaen on Google or Bing.


Use text in the description box instead of a graphic – this helps accessibility for your post and search engines are more likely to find your information via text than a graphic.


In the header image, try not to use anything with lettering in and this gets cut off – especially if you use a poster as the header image.


If you want to use a poster in the description box, you can add it via the “insert image” tool – for more about this, just ask.


When it comes to areas and filters, make sure you select only the area your activity or event is in. When people come to filter activities for an area, and activities from outside come up, it dilutes the effect of the site.


Use the keyword box on the bottom of the final page to add in specific keywords relating to your activity. This will make your listing more effective and better than a listing that doesn’t use them.