Nominate in the Sports Volunteer/Group of the Year category for #TorfaenSaysThanks!

Nomination Time remaining

Nominations now open for 2nd Torfaen Community and Volunteer Awards.

If you’re looking to nominate, we thought we’d take a look at each category and give you some examples of the kind of thing we’re looking for this year!

Sports Volunteer/Group of the Year is sponsored by Uddr.

This award recognises an individual or volunteer led clubs, teams in Torfaen whose contribution to sport has made a real difference by providing their time to support sport & recreational activities in Torfaen.

For example, nominees may have

  • Used sport as a way to tackle social isolation/loneliness.
  • Used sport as a tool to positively impact the lives of participants.
  • Used sport to promote the inclusion of marginalised groups.
  • Volunteer at a community sports club
  • Coach a youth sports team
  • Volunteer with an organisation that promotes diversity in sport;
  • Support a local recreation centre
  • Organise volunteer led outdoor activities
  • Share their time to support community recreational activities
  • Volunteer to teach inclusive physical activities
  • Take part in a committee for a local sports programme
  • Or take part in any other volunteer activity that supports sport or recreation!

So if you know someone who deserves a chance to be recognised for their commitment, dedication and hard work please take a few minutes of your time to nominate at this form:

Nominations close on 31st July 2022, so you still have time.

Look out for more categories that we’ll be taking a closer look at, and other updates as the big day of 21st October 2022 looms!


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You can also contact us via Twitter @TVAWales