Cost of Living update from Cwmbran Community Council

At this week’s full council meeting, members of Cwmbran Community Council set out a new program of policies designed to help with the rising cost of living crisis gripping the nation.

Members agreed unanimously to a measure introduced by Council Chairman, Councillor Anthony Bird, that will see £10,000 go to foodbanks throughout Cwmbran, speaking of the proposal, Cllr Bird said “I’m really happy that members have taken this step to help address the needs of those most vulnerable in our community, it’s my hope that this money goes a long way towards helping those who need it, but it’s unfortunate that in the 21st century that there are people who need this sort of help, however I’d like to take this opportunity to say how heartening it is to see the army of volunteers we have in our community who are willing to give that help, and as a council we can only hope that our support lends to that.” 

Members also voted to begin a new program of policies to address issues surrounding climate change and fuel poverty. Spearheaded by Councillor Chris Morgan, the scheme is designed to be a rolling series of projects looking at practical ways people can keep their bills down and still keep warm during the harsh winter months. Talking about the project Cllr Morgan said “We know that so many people will struggle to keep warm this winter, and hope that our Council will be able to help in some small way”

At the meeting members decided to kick the scheme off simply by providing a keep warm pack including a thermal blanket and new guide on practical tips to keep warm around the house as well as information on the various grants and help available aimed at getting people through the winter.

Speaking about the Winter Warmer Scheme, Council Chairman, Cllr Anthony Bird said “It’s great to see councillors coming forward and pulling together with so many ideas about how we can help our residents, especially as a council with so many new and enthusiastic members. It’s really important to remember that we’re there for our residents and anything we can do to take the bitter sting out of the cold and out of their wallets this winter is always going to be welcome.”

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