Decarbonisation and Social Capital residents in Torfaen

Torfaen Council need your views about decarbonisation and your local community in Torfaen

Community wellbeing and climate change are really important to our future. As a Council, TCBC need to support communities in improving their wellbeing, and also lead the way in making sure we do our bit to become a net zero community.

Social capital might not be a well-known concept, but it is about understanding how well a community can work together to make change. TCBC would like to support and work with our communities, and understanding in more detail how we can do that is important.

The survey (link below) is designed to help them make sure they work with you, our residents, in a way that is tailored to you. It is also designed to help them understand peoples’ willingness to work towards climate change solutions and how we can best support you.

This is really vital work for us, so if you are a resident of Torfaen they would really appreciate it if you could support this work by completing the survey – it doesn’t take too long – and also share the link below widely with friends, family and others in our communities. The more people that complete it, the more accurate our picture of Torfaen will be and the response will be better suited to our communities.

Survey link: