World Heritage Ambassadors work continues

This summer, The Hwb Torfaen, has been awarded almost £49,772 from Welsh Council for Voluntary Action to develop their youth volunteering programmes which will support 120 volunteers gain qualifications, life experiences and gain the investing in volunteers mark.
In March this year, The Hwb Torfaen was visited by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in recognition of the huge impact the charity makes on young people through accessing their volunteering programs. The programs empower young volunteers to have a voice in their own lives, their communities, and the care and world heritage sector. Through an inspiring, thoughtful and fun youth-led program of volunteer activity. The charity focuses on alternative approaches to education, resilience, mental health, and wellbeing supporting over 600 young people each year.
With the youth mental health crisis and highest waiting lists for mental health services often in years, organisations such as the Hwb Torfaen, provide a lifeline for many young people when facing mental health crisis. The staff, opportunities, and voluntary activity provide support for young people so they can access a safe place, a place where they are understood and can work towards their own aspirations, so improving confidence, self-resilience, and mental wellness.
The Hwb Torfaen’s Young volunteers help run our youth provisions, provide essential peer support for other young people, work with their communities supporting older people, as well as protect our World Heritage, and promote their local area’s.
The Director of Development and Programs said “We are so thrilled to have achieved this funding which will go directly to supporting our volunteers. Our volunteers are the lifeline of our organisation. We’ve had an exciting year with the royal visit, and this funding will help us develop our services to better meet the mental wellness needs of our young people through the youth mental health crisis”
This essential funding will help the organisation to develop new volunteer systems, activities, and roles to ensure that all opportunities help Young People to work towards their aspirations in their own lives. It will help establish a new peer mentor program, as well as new mental health programs. The organisation will also be developing new adult volunteering roles to support young volunteers with an aim to improve positive intergenerational community relationships and provide young people with trusted adults who can support them.
If you would like to join their volunteer programs, or become an adult helper, please contact
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