#TrusteesWeek Paul Stephens Zion Hill Community Hall

Trustees’ week is an annual event to showcase the great work you do and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved and make a difference.

Name: Paul Stephens

Organisation you’re a trustee for: Zion Hill Community Hall

What qualities make a good trustee?

Honesty and a willingness to help out and not be afraid to step forward.  Time is important and being good at talking and arranging is very useful.

What experience do you need to be a trustee?

You do not need set experience as most things you can learn as you go and as i found you have experience in your worklife or in your normal life and you pick up ideas from other clubs etc that you visit. Energy is the best experience you have along with willingness to help make decisions along with others.

Why should someone become a trustee?

I found that becoming a trustee I got experience of helping to run committees. You get experience of all different roles and you find so much reward and satisfaction from doing the role just on a personal level, to see things come together and everyone’s happy faces