#TrusteesWeek Trustee of the Year – Tracey Blockwell

Trustees’ week is an annual event to showcase the great work you do and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved and make a difference.

At the recent Torfaen Community and Volunteer Awards, the Trustee of the Year was Tracey Blockwell, from Torfaen Access Forum.

Tracey’s liaising through the TAF meetings have provided the disabled community access to expert advice. These actions have proved to be extremely helpful with positive outcomes across the disabled community

As part of Trustee’s Week, we thought we take a closer look at Tracey’s work and why being a trustee is a vital part of all local organisations.

Tracey was instrumental in setting up and organising Torfaen Access Forum (TAF), a disability charity, run by disabled people for disabled people, which raises awareness on the wide range of challenges faced by residents living with a disability in Torfaen.

Tracey is supportive of her fellow trustees in their roles within TAF. She is receptive to their opinions, sensitivities and needs and is willing to adapt to suggestions when appropriate. It is Tracey’s value to TAF, the TAF Trustees and the disabled community that brings about this nomination.

Tracey demonstrates the dedication, drive, desire and commitment to help, support and encourage disabled people in the Torfaen community. And, through her volunteering as TAF Chair and as a TAF trustee, since 2019, for at least three days a week, she has worked tirelessly in the full administration of the TAF charity, to bring together various groups, health boards, councillors, council officers, the local MP and MS, representative disabled charities, and their members.

Pontypool Community Council, who sponsored the Trustee of the Year award added.

The work that Trustees do is critical to running and maintaining local voluntary organisations, which co-ordinate and help individual volunteers to do what they do for their communities. Without Trustees giving up their time, energy and skills, society would be much poorer.

Torfaen Community and Volunteer Awards 2023 are in development, and we’ll be opening nominations sometime in Summer’23.

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