Gwent Public Services Board Well-being Plan

Public services across Gwent are developing a Well-being Plan which will guide the work we do together for the next five years.


This plan is about improving well-being across the region and seeks to tackle the big challenges that our organisations cannot overcome alone.


It will be your families, your villages and towns and your loved ones that are impacted by what is done. We know we can’t take on everything, so we want to assure ourselves that we are taking on the things that really matter to you.


Gwent Public Services Board therefore welcome everyone’s thoughts and ideas whilst we write the plan, to be published in May 2023.


To have your say, please go to: for details on the consultation.  Please note that the consultation ends on 31 December 2022.

Please note that TVA cannot take responsibility for the information other organisations produce, for example, in their resources, and on their websites.

The views of other organisations are not necessarily the views of TVA.

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