Creating the perfect nomination for TCVA

 Nominations now open for the Torfaen Community and Volunteer Awards

If you know someone who deserves a chance to be recognised for their commitment, dedication and hard work please take a few minutes of your time and nominate here:


Nomination applications need to tell the nominee’s story in a compelling way, to help the judges understand why the person stands out. The judges need to know about your nominee, their volunteer activities, and how they benefit the community.

Here are some helpful things to consider:

  • How does this person/group engage in meaningful volunteering that makes a difference in the community?
  • Does this person take initiative?
  • How does this person inspire others?
  • Does this person demonstrate selflessness and commitment to the project and community?


Remember the judges won’t know about the volunteer/role or the organisation, give as much detail as you can.


Here is what our Judges will be looking for when scoring your nomination:

Q1 – Fully describe the activities carried out that has inspired you to nominate this individual/group/business

         Max 500 words – 5 points

  • Who – description of the person/group, eg personality, qualities, personal progress
  • What & when – the activities/services they provide/support in the volunteer role, description of the role, how long have they been volunteering, how much time spent volunteering, working as part of a team
  • Where – description of the work the person/organisation does in the community, where the volunteering takes place and how the volunteer/s support the organisation
  • Why – describe why they volunteer and why successful, what they get out volunteering,


Q2 – How do you feel the activities listed benefit the community?      

  Max 100 words – 3 points

  • Who – who benefits from the volunteering/service provided
  • Why – why is the volunteering/service needed,
  • Results – how has the volunteering impacted/benefited the community

Q3 – Why do you think this individual/group/business deserves to be recognised in this category?

         Max 100 words – 2 points

  • Why – clarify why you feel this person/group fits the chosen category and why you feel this they are an inspiration to the community.

Q4 – Should your nominee become a finalist, in less than 50 words tell us more about them

          Max 50 words – this information will appear in the program if they become a finalist:

  • Provide a short description of the volunteering and the benefit to the community


Don’t just say your nominee is outstanding – prove it!

Here is a list of useful words to consider using in your application:

role model



Question 1 (5 Points)

Fully describe the activities carried out that has inspired you to nominate this individual/group/business:

Sue has volunteered at the Red Robin Community Centre for the last 2 years. The Community Centre is in the heart of the community and offers a range of activities and groups to engage lonely and isolated people.  When Sue first started volunteering with us, she lacked confidence and was unsure that her help would be wanted. But now due to her volunteering role she has grown in confidence, gained new skills and encourages other people to volunteer too. She really enjoys volunteering at the Centre and is a valuable part of the team.

Sue volunteers every Tuesday morning at the Community Café. She is friendly, reliable, kind and fun, she has a smile for everyone she meets. Even though she has a very busy life, working part time and caring for her family, she always finds time on to help at the Centre. Her volunteer role includes setting up the café, meeting and greeting the community users, serving tea, coffee and refreshments. No matter how busy she is she always has time to chat to the customers. She never leaves the Centre until everyone has gone and everything is tidied up and ready for the next activity. She completes all tasks in an effective manner and is always looking for new ways to engage with the community and encourage more people to attend activities at the Centre. Over the last two years Sue has shown huge commitment to her volunteering role and has hardly missed a week.

Sue knows all the customers’ names and what they like to drink, she goes out of her way to welcome new people and helps them feel at ease. She is always ready to listen and signposts to the required service for them to get the information they need. She offers friendly advice and guidance in a sensitive and confidential way. Sue is very enthusiastic and has some great ideas to help attract more of the community to attend eg she has introduced a range of activities at the Community Café including craft, bingo and even transformed the menu to make it healthier by including fresh fruit! She has helped with the promotion of our activities by creating leaflets and delivering to the local community.

She works well with the rest of our team and helps to make the café a friendly welcoming place for the customers. She has recently joined the committee and regularly attends meetings; she engages and shares her ideas to help the Community Centre grow and attract more of the community. She is always willing to attend events and help with any of our activities and groups, particularly when we are short of volunteers, she steps in to help at very short notice.  And she makes a lovely cup of tea!

Question 2 (3 Points)

How do you feel the volunteer has benefited/impacted the community:

Sue has impacted the community by supporting and welcoming anyone attending activities at the Centre. She encourages and supports members of the community to attend and try different activities and groups. She is always there to listen and signposts to other services and offers friendly, reassuring advice in a non-judgmental way. She has helped with the promotion of activities at the Centre by creating and delivering leaflets to the local community. The community has benefited from Sue’s volunteering role by allowing more lonely and isolated people to feel part of the community and helping them to connect with others and access a range of service to help their wellbeing withing a supportive warm environment.

As a member of the committee Sue has helped the Centre to flourish and grow, she has introduced many new ideas for activities and groups to support the community.


Question 3 (2 Points)

Why do you think this individual/group/business deserves to be recognised in this category?

I nominate Sue Jenkins for the Volunteer of the Year category. She is a dedicated volunteer at the Centre, she is highly motivated and supports the community in many different ways and always gives 100%.  Sue’s commitment to the local community and her friendly supportive approach can rarely be found in others. She is an excellent listener, is kind and welcoming, encouraging more of the community to engage in activities at the Community Centre or to join as a volunteer. Without Sue volunteering at the Community Café we wouldn’t be able to provide many of the activities and many people would miss the opportunity to connect and access services.

Sue has helped to enrich many lives of others, particularly those who are vulnerable or less able to help themselves. She has shown ongoing commitment, support, and dedication.

We feel that Sue deserves this recognition for all the work she does at the Centre and supporting the community.  Sue is a very special person!

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