Strengthening Volunteering across Torfaen

TVA works with individuals, voluntary organisations, community groups and public sector organisations to promote voluntary work and to support individuals to find volunteer placements that suit their needs.

TVA is more than a simple matching service, we can provide:

  • Support to voluntary organisations to manage and retain volunteers in safe environments.
  • Advice and information on recent changes to policy and/or legislation relating to volunteering.
  • Access to training opportunities.
  • Support through networking opportunities for organisations and individuals looking to volunteer or already volunteering: Volunteer Management Network and Volunteering Voice.
  • Access to funding opportunities to support volunteers and volunteering.
  • Examples of good practice.
  • Promoting new ways of volunteering, for example online opportunities.
  • A gateway for volunteering support including links to other TVA and local delivery partners services and initiatives.

Volunteering must be a choice freely made by each individual.

We have a selection of resources to help ensure thats volunteering in Torfaen is an enjoyable experience for volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations.

Our Dedicated Development Officers:

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