Knowledge Hub can give your group the tools you need

The Knowledge Hub, a free online resource for voluntary organisations in Wales, has been updated with more information than ever.

Managed by Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW), the Knowledge Hub is a platform for people working or volunteering in the Welsh voluntary sector. Here you can access information and guidance, as well as online learning courses on a range of topics that are vital to running a successful organisation.


A big part of the voluntary sector in Wales is made up of smaller organisations, which face their own unique challenges. With this in mind TSSW has launched new guidance and information aimed specifically at small organisations.

From guidance on setting up a group, trustees and governance and safeguarding, as well as newly added guidance on funding your organisation,  all of this has been designed with the aim of helping you run your organisation.

This won’t just benefit smaller organisations though. TSSW, a network of support organisations comprising of WCVA and County Voluntary Councils (CVCs) including TVA, can help all sorts of organisations in the Welsh voluntary sector, with learning and information as well as help with finding funding, safeguarding advice and more.


As well as new advice and guidance pages, there are also free online courses on a number of subjects, from developing a fundraising strategy to explaining the safeguarding responsibilities of your staff – all of which you’re free to complete at your own pace, anywhere, any time.

The Your Networks section of the website also lets you connect with people working all throughout the sector in Wales, and is a place where you can start conversations, ask questions and share ideas to help and learn from each other.

This all comes with improvements to the site and updates to content that make it easier to find the information you’re looking for.

Register for free today and you can stay informed, improve your knowledge and connect with others.

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