#TorfaenSaysThanks 100 Voices

The 3rd Torfaen Community & Volunteer Awards are happening on October 20th at The Parkway Hotel & Spa.

The 3rd Torfaen Community & Volunteer Awards are happening on October 20th at The Parkway Hotel & Spa.

Many amazing local organisations and businesses are supporting TCVA23, here we’re looking at some of those.

Helen Minns is the Volunteer – Vice Chair for 100 Voices.


What encouraged you to sponsor the Torfaen Community and Volunteer Awards?

We believe that so many amazing things happen in our communities and this is a great opportunity to give recognition and promote these good things happening and thank the volunteers taking part.

We chose this category because of the difference we can all make to our environment by making even the smallest of changes.  If everyone made these small changes what a difference this would make to the future of our communities

Why are awards like TCVA important?

These awards are important because people are giving up their valuable time to enhance the lives of people around them.  This is a selfless deed and it is really important for individuals to be recognised for all their hard work and effort;.

Why is it important to showcase Torfaen in this way?

It is brilliant to come together and celebrate all the great work of these community groups as without them we wouldn’t be able to enjoy many things that some take for granted.  It is also an opportunity to network and build relationships going forward for future projects



About 100 Voices

We meet with the Melin Communities Team on a bi monthly basis to plan and fund neighbourhood events and award grant funding to local communities.  We scrutinise the services that Melin provides and give recommendations on service improvement.  We also review policies/procedures put in place by Melin.

We look forward to celebrating all the amazing work that’s been happening in Torfaen in the past year with the awards that happen on October 20th at The Parkway Hotel & Spa.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted with all the latest information across our socials using the hashtag #TorfaenSaysThanks.

Contact us on 01495 365610 or volunteering@tvawales.org.uk.

You can also contact us via Twitter @TVAWales

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