Connecting With The Community Here

We are happy to announce that we have a new ground floor drop-in space!

CWTCH (Community Welcome & Connection Hub) introduces our latest ground-level area designed for public engagement. Whether you’re a community member or a member organisation, feel free to stop by and chat with our team for any assistance or guidance you require. 

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Opening Hours

Monday–Thusday 10am – 4pm

Friday 10am – 12pm


CWTCH, Torfaen Voluntary Alliance
Portland Buildings
Commercial Street

Contact us by telephone
Main Line: 
01495 365610


Space to hire!

If you are looking for a small room so you can have a small group chat, we have space avaible.


Contact us on 01495 365610 and we will let you know if its available.


Who’s in each day?

Monday  – Our Funding Team

Tuesday – Our Health & Wellbeing Team

Wednesday – Our Engagement Team

Thursday – Our Volunteer Team

Friday – Our Governance Team


If you want to speak to someone in particular, you can pop in any day and they can come speak with you! 

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